Improve your Macarons with the Best Ganaches

Macaron can be made with a lot of kind of ganache, here are the best ganaches to improve your macaron recipe.

How to choose your macaroon filling?

As you know, macaroons are eaten after at least overnight in the refrigerator. The reason is simple, it will take this time for the filling to make the inside of the macaroon shell soft enough to be perfect for tasting.

A macaroon must have a hard shell and a soft interior, that’s what makes a macaroon perfect and that’s thanks to the filling. What is magic with macaroons is that there is a multitude of fillings, it is a discovery with each new taste. You will also have several textures, ganaches, curds, fruit mousse and fruit/chocolate. The macaroon can be declined ad infinitum, that’s what I like the most because we can make our imagination work. I explain the different textures of filling to help you in your choice.

You could even fill your macaron with savoury, like tarama, foie gras…The different kinds of ganache I give you are just a little sample of what you could do. The advantage is that the ganache in general freezes very well. As my tests, my research and your opinions, I will update the list and the recipes.

For making the macaron I, of course, recommend you my foolproof macaron recipe.

Those are some ideas you could bake, but you could also use Nutella, Peanutbutter,  Biscoff cream or marmalade.

Biscoff cream a fantastic ganache for your macarons
Biscoff cream a fantastic ganache for your macarons

The easiest ganache is the one with Mascarpone ( 120g), 3 drops of your favourite extract,  and 10g of sugar.  It’s a less than 5 min ganache.

If you use the white chocolate, the quality needs to be perfect or better use one special for making. If the quality is not good your chocolate will not melt.

1- The lemon-white chocolate ganache 

juice of 1 lemon

100 g white chocolate

20 g fresh cream

Put 100g of white chocolate in the bowl heat it and mix. 

Add the juice of one lemon and  the 20g of fresh cream, then beat set aside in a bowl and put in the fridge for about 45mn.

The ganache must have thickened to be able to garnish the macarons (if it’s too thick, put it in the microwave for a few seconds). 

2- Lemon ganache or any other fruits

In a sauce pan at a low temperature.

1 egg yolk

20 g maizena

10 g butter

1 lemon

20 g caster sugar

Put the maizena in 20 cl of water, add the butter and bring to the boil. Add the lemon zest and juice, egg yolk and sugar. 

Lemon ganache
Lemon ganache

3 -Raspberry-white chocolate ganache

20 g raspberry syrup

100 g white chocolate

20 g fresh cream

Put 100g of white chocolate in a saucepan, heat  and mix. 

Add the raspberry syrup and the 20g of fresh cream and beat.

Set aside in a bowl and chill for about 45 minutes. 

The ganache must have thickened to be able to garnish the macaroons (if it is too thick spend a few seconds in the microwave). 

Rasberry and white chocolate ganache for your macaron
Rasberry and white chocolate ganache for your macaron

4- Chocolate-ginger ganache 

100 g dark chocolate

6 pieces of candied ginger or 3 cc of ginger powder

90 g cream

Put the ginger powder, the dark chocolate cut into large pieces add the fresh cream and heat it.

Reserve without putting in the fridge.   

Chocolate and Ginger ganache
Chocolate and Ginger ganache

5- Carambar ganache

22 soft carambar sticks

130 g fresh cream 30

Put the carambar in the saucepan and scrape the wall,Add the fresh cream and melt,

Reserve and put in the fridge. 

Carambare ganache, the are lot of flovor of carambar not only the caramel one
Carambar ganache, they are a lot of flavour of carambar not only the caramel one

6- Coconut ganache:

100 g Coconut powder

130 g fresh cream 30

15 cl of coconut milk

4 packets of vanilla sugar

Put the grated coconut and the fresh cream in the saucepan at media température 

Add the vanilla sugar and the coconut milk 

Set aside and put in the fridge 

Coconut ganache
Coconut ganache

7- Strawberry-white chocolate ganache:

75 g white chocolate

75 g full cream

50 g dried strawberries

12 g butter, (optional)

Put the dried strawberries and the chocolate pistoles heat it and mix mix.

 Add the cream, cut the butter into pieces and blendlet it met and mix . 

Put the ganache in the fridge to harden. 

Stawberries and white chocolate ganache
Stawberries and white chocolate ganache

8 -Chocolate orange ganache

50 g full cream

100 g dark chocolate

1 pinch of nutmeg

1 orange

Wash the orange, get the zest and squeeze it. Put the cream and 60g of orange juice in the bowl for 6 minutes at 100° C. When the bell rings, add the chocolate in pieces and mix for 3 minutes (the chocolate must have completely melted). Add the orange zest and nutmeg and mix

Chocolate and orange ganache
Chocolate and orange ganache

9 -Ganache with special chocolate:

50 g orange chocolate or chocolate with raspberry, mint, etc.

50 g full cream

15 g butter

Put the chocolate in the sauce pan and heat it. 

Add the cream and add the butter

10- Ganache with pear 

100 g dark chocolate

50 g milk

50 G Very soft butter

30 g pear puree

1 Small pinch of Salt

Mix the chocolate in the sauce pan,  add the milk and cook it.

Let it cool, once the preparation to +/- 50°C incorporate the pear and butter, mix the ganache.

Let the ganache cool completely, stirring from time to time.  

Macaron with a pear ganache
Macaron with a pear ganache

11- The vanillia, rose or almond flavoured ganache

125 g mascarpone

2 to 3 drops of pistachio, almond, vanilla, or other flavor.

10 g powdered sugar

Incorporate all the ingredients iand mix its.

Rose flavour ganache
Rose flavour ganache

12 Pistachio Ganache: 

100 g unsalted pistachio nuts, (to make the pistachio paste)

100 g caster sugar, (to make the pistachio paste)

1 egg white, (to make the pistachio paste)

55 g milk chocolate, (for the ganache)

55 g white chocolate, (for the ganache)

30 g thick cream, (for the ganache)

First of all you have to create the Pistachio Paste:

 Mix the 100g of pistachios and the 100g of sugar 

Add the egg white and mix 


Only part of the pistachio paste will be used, so you can freeze it or reduce the starting dose. Then the ganache: 

Melt the 110g of chocolate

Add 30g of cream.

 Then add 1 tablespoon of dough. 

Pistachio ganache
Pistachio ganache

13 Ganache with After Eight:

60 g of After Eight

30 g thick cream

1g butter

  1. Put the After Eight chocolates in the saucepan and cook it.
  2. Add the cream an
  3. Add the butter
After-eight ganache
After-eight ganache

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