Crepe filling, best ideas

Crepe filling the best idea: crêpe are fantastic, but they need to be filled, and you could upgrade your crepe flavor this way.

Here are some ideas that you could make yourself and I hope you will enjoy it.

Classic crepe toppings

-Delicious crepe filled with jam! A must!

Red, yellow or exotic fruits, you have a wide choice and they all go wonderfully well with crepes. Don’t hesitate to have a look at Confiture parisienne the best French online store for jams and marmalade. They make absolutely divine jams without any artificial flavorings added.

Crepe filling best idea: French marmelade

-The melted butter with a little of sugar and half of a lemon juice are a delicious combination.

-The must-have of crepe, sweet and salty at the same time! Simply spread your crepe with semi-salted or salted butter and sprinkle it with sugar.

-The whipped crêpe

A good whipped cream with a good vanilla taste, just enough to give taste! It can be eaten alone or accompanied by fresh fruit or with a dash of chocolate or caramel coulis! I recommend you the recipe of the blog “I made it myself”, terrible…

-Chocolate crepe

Dark or milk or even white, you will melt a few chocolate squares in your pancake! A delicacy you can’t do without!

-Caramel pancake with salted butterscotch

An essential (as much as chocolate) for a crêpe party night! You can do it yourself or choose from the delicious range of Caramalo spreadable caramels from Comptoirs de St-Malo (plain, chocolate, rum or vanilla) or the famous Salidou from Maison d’Armorine (in a jar or tube with a very practical tip for precise and very graphic presentations!).

-Why not using a ganache recipe like the one we could use for filling macarons? It could be a great crepe filling idea:)

-Caramelized bananas with Marple syrup, like for French bread.

Crepe filling best ideas Caramelized bananas
Crepe filling best ideas Caramelized bananas

There are a lot of crepe filling possible. Just sugar, Nutella with bananas, biscuit cream ….

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