THE FRENCH QUICHE: Amazing recipe you need to try


The French quiche is first and foremost popular dish to share in France. Here is the recipe you should try as it’s a very easy one but as well a delicious one. The quiche as made on bread-making days with flattened leftover bread dough and baked in the communal bakery.
The filling, which is similar to a flan, consists of beaten eggs and fresh cream. This filling is called “migaine” and made with the products found on farms at the time, like the smoked bacon (because to preserve food at the time it was salted or smoked), fresh cream and eggs.

Today, quiche is undoubtedly one of the best known French dishes in the world. But before leaving the French borders, the quiche of Lorraine origin was adopted throughout France because of the exodus of the Lorraine people in 1870 during the war between France and Prussia.

Depending on the time I have for the preparation, I can cook the quiche in different versions. The easiest version is without dough. It’s a “flamiche” or with a dough that I buy. And when I have more time, I’m making my own dough, but I’m all the time using an easy version of the home-made-dough.

The quiche is perfect as a starter but also as a main dish. Sometimes I serve it for a brunch as well. Apart from breakfast, quiche is the friend of all meals.
I strongly advise you to accompany it with a green salad, which can be garnished with onions, walnuts … the combination is perfect.

I hope you are now ready to discover my recipe, it is delicious and easy to make.

Ingredients for the traditional French quiche
Ingredients for the traditional French quiche

-The ingredients:

For the dough:

-200 grams of flour. ( 1and 1/2 cup)
-7 tablespoons of olive oil
-8 tablespoons of warm water ( 1/2 cup)
-salt ( 1 pinch)

About the salt: The quiche is naturally salted because of the cheese and bacon, so take care to not add too much salt. If you are not using bacon, you could add a second pinch of salt

French quiche
French quiche recipe: ingredients
-For the quiche

-200 ml of fresh cream ( 1 cup)
-3 eggs
-100 g grated Gruyere cheese. You could use another cheese such as Emmenthal or even a mixture of cheese or simply the grated cheese. ( 1 cup)
-200 g raw smoked bacon ( 1 cup)
-1 onion -Nutmeg


Preheat the oven to 180°C+> 350°F

For the dough:

Mix the flour and salt with the oil and warm water.
Work the dough into a ball and then spread it in a mold with your fingers.
Prick the dough with a fork and put it in the oven.

This is a very easy to make but also a very quick recipe. You can also use it for other savory pie recipes.

Make the dough with flour, water and olive oil.
-For quiche:
Fry raw bacon and onions

-Fry the onion and the bacon together in a little butter or oil. It depends on your preferences.

Mix together the eggs, the cream, the cheese and then add your preparation composed of bacon and onion.
Season your preparation with salt, pepper and nutmeg. If you don’t have nutmeg, you can add a tablespoon of mustard.

Make the batter from the quiche: eggs, crème fraiche cheese and nutmeg.
Add the cheese to the eggs and crème fraiche. Do not forget to add a spice like megnut.
Then for finishing, add all your fried onions and bacon.

Cook for 45 to 50 minutes in the oven at thermostat 6 or 180°C or 356°F.

Quiche recipe, just 20 min to make and 30 min to Cook

Serve with a small green salad, a treat!

The French Quiche: easy traditional recipe by a French chef
Variation ideas

Here this is the traditional French quiche recipe, but you could decline this recipe in a lot of different versions.

My favorite one is still the original one with bacon, but as it’s as well a leftover recipe, trust me I did the lot of quiches. Which is important is always to have an aftertaste, like the nutmeg, or mustard. But it could be anything you like as the curry, cumin, or some seeds… I really encourage you on your own touch, so please, if you feel like bake another way, go ahead, be a chef!

For exemple

You can make it a vegetarian dish by making it with mushrooms instead of bacon, I advise you to add the mushrooms in garlic and parsley.
I really like spinach quiche. You add frozen spinach to the traditional recipe, yes, simply, and it’s well to add some pine nuts. You could make it as well with broccoli and I add spice like curry as it’s a very good combination.
Or you can make the quiche with ratatouille in a vegetarian version too.
I like to make it with goat cheese instead of grated cheese and add tomatoes. To season the preparation, I put 1 tablespoon of mustard.
Another version I like is the smoked salmon with ginger and dill. I take fresh ginger, boil it in water and after a few minutes, I drink this delicious infusion. I grind the remaining ginger with a blender or a knife and add it to the preparation.

Now, it’s on you. Train yourself with the traditional version, then create your own touch!

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    How long to bake the crust alone before filling? I can’t wait to try this! It will be perfect for my guests at brunch!

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