Cotton candy cake: How to make a delicious and original recipe

Have you ever thought of making a cotton candy cake? Are you sceptical about cotton candy, a cake ??? no ??? no ??? yes!!! the cotton candy cake is a very original and delicious recipe.
I remember the first time as an adult I ate a cotton candy based dessert, it was ice cream. I was very surprised by this taste that I would never have chosen by myself. In this case, the ice cream was a side dish to a cake. I thought I wasn’t going to eat this weird ice cream, but when I tasted it, it was a divine surprise! It was more than delicious, it was even fabulous.

But what was absolutely fabulous for me was that it was a flavor that I never thought of on my own.
This originality was very amazing in these flavors, I was expecting something with little chemical taste, it was the other way around.

What I also notice is when I put this cake on my table and explain what it is, few people want to taste it, but when I don’t say anything and I serve it and say guess what it is, I always have the same reaction, hummm it’s good, I know what it tastes like but I can’t name it and when I give the solution, the surprise is always extreme, : I never would have believed it, but it’s good!
I love to hear the “but” it’s good. The title is chemically too sweet, but I’m only suggesting subtle things while keeping it simple.

Cotton candy for making an original cake
Cotton candy carambar

So after some research, here is my recipe for you.


3 eggs 2 pots of strawberry yogurt
2 jars of sugar yogurt
3 jars of flour yogurt
1/2 jar of yogurt oil
1 bag of yeast ( 1 teaspoon)
10 cotton candy carambars

Cotton candy cake, delicious, original and easy recipe.
Cotton candy cake, delicious, original and easy recipe.

Mix all the ingredients together. About the carambar, I cut them in small pieces that I put in the dough and I reserve some of them for the decoration on the cake.

Then you just have to preheat your oven and bake it for around 30-40 min.

I advise you to always start baking at very hight temperature for 5 min ( 220°C) than turn a little bit down the temperature to 180 ° C.

fluffy Candy cake
Cotton candy cake, so creative recipe!

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