Cooking a French Crepe:

Easy, with an online cooking lesson!

The apple crepe recipe I’ll teach you is a delightful French twist on the traditional thin crepe. Perfect for sharing with friends at breakfast, brunch, or even as a stylish dessert with added toppings.

Personally, I adore crepes for breakfast,– it’s quintessentially French. Whether I’m making the classic version or this modern and delicious apple crepe recipe, it’s always a hit with my friends.

The apple crepe recipe step by step:

Ingredients for the apples crepe.
Apple crepe ingredients

Ingredients for the french apple crepe recipe.

-2 apples

-50g of butter => 1/4 cup. You could use salted butter, which will reveal the sweet flavor of your recipe.

-50g of sugar =>1/4 cup. You could use brown sugar, which is very good.

Caramelize the apples :

Let melt the butter in a large non-stick pan then add your chopped apples and add 50g of sugar to caramelize them.

The apples will start to be gold, then tanned and for finishing brown. Just well caramelized

Caramelization of the apples
Apple caramelization

The temperature is medium-plus.

The caramelization: you should have little bubbles in your melted butter mixed with sugar. This is the caramelization process.

Meanwhile, the apples caramelized, you could prepare the mixture.

Preparation of the crepe batter:

Ready for experiencing the french apple crepe recipe? what do you need for that?

Apple crepe preparation mix  eggs, with the sugar, oil milk and flour.


-2 eggs

-2 tablespoons sugar: quarter a cup ( you could use diet sugar if you will prefer;-)

-1 tablespoon of oil ( a none flavor oil )

-25cl of milk. =>1 cup ( diet milk or vegetal milk are possible)

-100 g flour =>a little less than 1 cup: pour slowly the flour to not have lumps in your mixture.

-1 pinch of salt

Pour your mixture into or caramelized apples.

Leave to cook between ! and 10 min covered, then turn your crepe over.

The temperature is medium-plus.

If there is smoke, it’s not good, you will need to turn the temperature down.

Cook it until there is no liquid, then flip the crêpe.

to succed in the apple crepe cook it with a lid.
The lid is very important to maintain the temperature of your crepe constant

To do this, use a serving dish: you turn your pan over in this dish and then slide it back into the pan to cook for another 8 to 10 min.

Add a little piece of butter in your pan and put the crepe back in the pan after turning.

Let cook around 5 min and you did it!!!

Et voilà!

Topping tips for the French apple crepe recipe:

Add two packets of vanilla sugar on top. It’s the easiest topping. I advise you to have a pot where you will let inside your vanilla bean into the sugar. Like that, you will always have the best vanilla sugar you could.

What I like is to topping the crêpe with roasted almond flakes. And if I am doing a plate presentation, I add salted caramel and a vanilla ice cream ball.

Honey with lemon is a great topping too.

Cinnamon with sugar is an easy one

You can also flambé it with rum.  

For a reception or a brunch, you could make your crêpe a day before and warm it up at the microwave before the service with vanilla ice-cream.


And overall, don’t forget to serve with an ” et voilà”

It’s a French recipe, you need to have a French attitude!


In France, we spell the word crepe with a circumflex accent on the “ê”.
Crepe is part of the French culinary heritage.

It is a very easy and inexpensive recipe.
Moreover, it is a recipe that pleases everyone for every meal.
You can enjoy it for breakfast, brunch as a snack or as a dessert at the end of a meal, or even as a dish if you opt for the savory option, usually with buckwheat flour.

Historians place the origin of the crepe at 7000 BC. At that time, it was a rather thick crepe, made with a dough mixing water and various crushed cereals. A flat, hot stone was used for cooking.
In Brittany, the crepe made its appearance in the 13th century. Buckwheat, brought back to France after the crusades in Asia, made it possible to make this thin layer of dough, round in shape. This is the beginning of the Breton crepe! For our savoury crepes are always prepared with buckwheat flour, also known as buckwheat flour. The advantage of this flour is that it is gluten-free.

The buckwheat crepe is to be distinguished from the sweet crepe, for which we use wheat flour, milk, eggs, butter. But in both cases, the preparation gains in delicacy with its filling! At Emma’s bed and breakfast, we get down to work to imagine tasty and authentic recipes, which have the good taste of Brittany… or elsewhere.

Crepe over the world

Because the crepe has the soul of a traveler. It can be found all over the world, with small variations. Think of the famous American pancake, smaller and thicker, the cute blini from Eastern Europe, or the Mexican tortilla, made with cornflour. Our national crepe is also a cousin of the Italian piadine or the Maghrebian baghrir.
The next time you stir-fry crepes in your pan or crepe pan, place a coin in your hand. Prosperity assured, for the rest of the year… At least that’s what the elders used to say!

Other french crepe recipes

You can eat the crêpe on its own, but is often topped with a filling such as sugar, jam, chocolate spread, whipped cream, cheese, ham, or even cooked and seasoned vegetables. The crepe is usually sweet for wheat crepes and rather salty for buckwheat crepes.

This typical french dish can also be stuffed and baked au gratin in the oven and folded in four, rolled, rolled, half-moon, triangle, pancake (the filling is placed in the center and two opposite edges are folded down and then the other two to form a small packet) or “en aumônière”.or be used as a base for other recipes (e.g. crêpes cake or Picardy string).

You could as well savour the French crêpe can also be flambée: heated alcohol (often Grand Marnier or rum) is poured over the hot crêpe and set on fire. These crepes are served immediately, often still flaming on the plate. They can be accompanied by a scoop of ice cream (often flavoured with vanilla).

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