Easy and Fantastic Cheese Puffs

The cheese puffs is an easy recipe ideal for brunch or appetizer which could amaze your friends. It could be a family cooking class activity, or a secret one to surprise your friends for the feasts

 Its realization is very easy. But shhhhuuut, please do not share this secret ;-). Just share the result!

Here my French recipe that we call gougère au fromage. 

What do you need for this recipe, very little: 

-Butter, flour and eggs.

Then for the filling, you need cheese and as an option curry and sesame seeds.

-Tools: a sauce pan, parchment paper and a cookie- tray.

About the cheese, you could use for example gruyere or emmenthal, cantal or even reblochon, blue cheese… I do not advise you to use cream cheese as they are not enough flavored. 

And after you will master the traditional recipe you could go further using other kind of ingredients like salmon, crab, chorizo, peperoni …

And yet another recipe that seems to be difficult but is not at all.
What do you need for this recipe, very little: butter, flour and eggs.
Then for the filling, you need grated cheese, and as an option curry and sesame seeds.

In these pictures, you could see that I haven’t used grated cheese but reblochon which is a very strong cheese. Very French. I love strong cheese. Of course, you could use any cheese you like. As when you use grated cheese, you just have to introduce it in the dough. But when you use a piece of cheese, you will have to add it just before cooking it. And as the cheese will melt when it will be warm, I caught the cheese inside the dough itself

So 3 ingredients for the puffs dough and 3 ingredients for the flavoring.

Start by preheating the oven to 200 degrees Celsius ( 440 ° F)

-Heat 25 cl of water (1 cup), and add 120 grams of butter ( 1/2 cup) and a pinch of salt in a saucepan.
-As soon as the mixture boils, turn off the heat and add the flour: 125g ( 1 cup ) while stirring so that the dough comes away from the pan. -Put back the pan over medium heat while stirring for some minutes in order to dry the dough.
-Add the 4 eggs one by one, and stir all the time you add one until incorporation. Add now at minimum 100 grams of cheese ( 1 cup at minimum) and a little curry ( 1 tablespoon) for color and taste. If you don’t like curry, you could use nutmeg.

To shape the puff you need to use 2 tablespoons, in the first one fill it up with the dough, then transfer it in the second one and now let it slide with the first one.

cheese puffs recipe: water and butter heated
In the pan at warm temperature, melt the butter with the water
Cheese puffs recipe
Add the eggs one by one and mix
Cheese puffs recipe
Mix together all the ingredients
Cheese puffs recipe
With a spoon make the puffs and add the cheese inside ( if grated cheese you could introduce it before )
Cheese puffs recipe
Cook its and for the decoration you could add some seeds on the top
Cheese puffs
Cheese puffs Et voilà, it was easy isn’t it!

Option instead of the grated cheese you could add chorizo, bacon, pieces of cheese you like… The filling should be your own touch.

Put some dough on the baking sheet with a spoon.
You can put some small seeds on top for decoration but also for taste.
Bake about 20 min at 195°- 390°F.
Do not open the oven while cooking. It’s cooked when the little cocks start to brown.
Here it is, another easy recipe to impress your friends, ideal for brunch or appetizer instead of peanuts.
I made this recipe this week for a picnic with friends, but it’s as well perfect for a brunch or as an appetizer.

Cheese puffs
Cheese puff

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