Rose and litchi flavor combined in a custard cake

Combined the flavor of the rose and the litchi in a custard cake is so delightful. In France we call it “clafoutis”. It’s a solf cake with more consistence than a custard, as there is a little of flour inside.

The French pastry has a lot of variation of cake. The clafoutis texture reminds of a thick custard. It’s because of its consistence.

This is a recipe that I like a lot as I live in Nice on the French Riviera where you have a city very important for the rose cultivation: Grace .

You need to have rose extract that you could buy even on Amazon.

Rose litchi custard cake
Rose litchi custard cake


-4 eggs

-1 cup of sugar

-1 cup of flour

-1 cup of milk

-½ cup of oil

1 can of litchis

Rose extract


In order to prepare this delicious rose and litchi flavor combined in a custard cake, start to mix eggs with sugar, then add the milk, flour and oil. Add some drops of rose extract.

I like as well adding some pink food color.

Then, butter your tart pan and pour the batter. I advise you to cut the litchis in smallest pieces and arrange them in a concentric circle.

I always take care of not adding any fruit right in the middle because when you will serve your clafoutis if there is a fruit in the middle the service will be less easy and the piece could break.


Preheat your oven to the temperature of 350° F. Now, you can bake your rose litchi cake for around 40 minutes.

I often serve this clafoutis for my breakfasts or brunch experiences at my place as the rose flavor is typical from my area and I think that this combination is a fantastic match.

Et voilà, you now know everything about one of my easy, original and so flavored cake, I just have to wish you a Bon appétit!

Rose litchi custard cake
Rose litchi custard cake

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