Eggless Chocolate Cookies That Vegans And Non-Vegans Will Love So Much

Eggless chocolate cookies that vegans and non-vegan will love so much is a recipe that I am so glad to share! This crispy on the outside, soft on the inside… And the secret to this perfect texture is that there is no egg. It’s so shortbread around it, so gourmet, not too sweet and chocolatey to the core! I can’t describe these cookies without eggs because they are so special and delicious! But what a joy to snack on. I still can’t believe it.

And the preparation is quick and easy. You need 10 minutes, no more, to make them. 15 minutes of cooking and 10 minutes of cooling and hop, they are in mouth. Be careful, you don’t eat only one, that’s the trap… When you put your nose in them, you can’t let them cool any more, you devour them without moderation. You have to treat yourself once in a while.

Ingredients :

-8 TBS -100 grams of salted butter
-1/2 cup -80 grams brown sugar
-1 cup -100 grams of flour
-1/2 cup -45 grams almond flour
-1/2 cup -80 grams of chocolate chips
-1 teaspoon of baking powder -1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Eggless Chocolate Cookies That Vegans And Non-Vegans Will Love So Much

Preparation for your delicious eggless chocolate cookies

The preparation is so easy that it’s not possible to write a long paragraph.

Just melt the butter in the microwave in order to have it liquify, then combine all the others ingredients.The sugar, almond powder, flour, baking powder, vanilla and chocolate chips.

Eggless chocolate cookies: batter

The batter is not very solid, and on a cookie-tray with a parchment paper on it, you could make small heaps.

These eggless cookies were so successful for my breakfast in my guests house that I had to share my discovery as soon as possible. They deserve to be known immediately. And for those allergic to eggs, here is a solution to enjoy these traditional American cookies.

if you would like other eggless idea as a dessert I can’t advise you better than the famous French tart Tatin or for the savory nothing better than the ratatouille

of course Rhodes recipes and lot of others are online on my website but if you don’t feel like cooking alone I will be pleased welcoming you on my online cooking classes

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