Deviled egg, egg Mimosa classic French recipe and its variations

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa the name is depending on where you are from but in any areas it’s a perfect starter for your meal. And it could even be an appetizer for your reception.

Why in English it’s deviled egg, referring to the red color and in French, Egg Mimosa, referring to the yellow?

In English, “the devil eggs”. Simply because the English call all the filled eggs like that because they used to put paprika in them, and it reminded the red color of the devil. In France, there is yellow in the “mimosa” eggs. Mimosa is a very beautiful yellow flower with green leaves. Mimosa’s eggs are looking like this lovely tree, which bloom by February on the French Riviera They are stuffed with a tangy filling and then topped with a sprinkling of tiny yolk fragments meant to resemble the fluffy yellow flowers of a mimosa in bloom.

Mimosa tree
Mimosa tree

It is the XXth century which puts the mimosa eggs in fashion
And obviously it’s France who invented them. Mimosas as the famous plant and it is true that the content of a mimosa egg reminds us of the Mimosa as this poem with rhymes and everything reminds us in the magazine “la mode” in 1928.

Vous travaillez  une mayonnaise

Dont vous allez garnir le creux de chaque œuf dur,

Alors, pour imiter le mimosa bien mûr,

Vous passez le jaune au crible d’une passoire

Et vous en saupoudrez la mayonnaise, voire

-Ce qui ne nuira pas- un peu de pourtour blanc

Où l’on croira voir l’or, en boules, du pollen.

Puis, pour donner au plat un petit air de fête

Parez vos moitiés d’œufs d’une rose crevette

You work a mayonnaise

With which you will garnish the hollow of each hard-boiled egg,

Then, to imitate the ripe mimosa,

You sift the yolk through a sieve

And sprinkle the mayonnaise with it

-Which won’t hurt – a little white around the edges

Where one will believe to see the gold, in balls, of the pollen.

Then, to give the dish a festive air

Adorn your egg halves with a pink shrimp

Since then there have been variations, with mussels in the Basque country, or with scampi and lobster, while in Burgundy it was thought to include crayfish or even anchovies.

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa classic French recipe

A great classic of French cuisine, especially from the South of France(referring to the Mimosa) the deviled egg is an easy recipe that will please both children and adults with a few eggs and a little mayonnaise that we will prepare together.

Deviled egg, mimosa egg: ingredients
Deviled egg, mimosa egg: ingredients


6 big eggs. If you choose organic eggs, it will be better 😉

½ cup – 120ml of Canola Oil is the best, but it could be sunflower oil…(do not use olive oil which is too strong for a mayonnaise)

1 tablespoon of Mustard


Salt and Pepper

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa classic French recipe and its variations
Deviled egg, egg Mimosa classic French recipe and its variations

Preparation of eggs Mimosa

Your eggs need to be at room temperature, so I advise you to take them off the fridge 1 hour in advance.

Now, in a marge sauce pan, place 5 eggs in a saucepan filled with water. Heat and, when boiling, allow 10 minutes for them to harden.

Then, put them 5 minutes in cold water, shell them and cut them in half lengthwise with a good knife. Collect all the yolks, and put 1 aside.

Deviled eggs, oeufs Mimosa
Deviled eggs, oeufs Mimosa, crack the eggs on the top to remove the schell.
Cut your egg in half lengthwise
Cut your egg in half lengthwise


Mayonnaise recipe for Deviled egg, egg Mimosa
Mayonnaise recipe for Deviled egg, egg Mimosa

What is the best oil for making mayonnaise?

Canola oil has a discreet but tasty nutty taste that enhances the flavor of mayonnaise and dressings. It goes well with lemon juice. Rapeseed oil is also suitable for marinating vegetables or seasoning cooked vegetables.

Why do we make mayonnaise by putting the salt before the oil?

The salt should be added with the egg yolk at the beginning of the preparation so that it is better distributed in the mayonnaise. This would not be the case if it was added after the oil was incorporated.

Mayonnaise recipe for Deviled egg, egg Mimosa
How to make a Mayonnaise for Deviled egg, egg Mimosa

Preparation of the mayonnaise

Now in your bowl add the egg yolk,a little of salt and pepper, a big tablespoon of mustard, and a few drops of lemon juice.
Whisk in the oil little by little to thicken the mayonnaise. Add chopped fresh herbs or lemon juice if necessary. Keep chilled until ready to serve.

When mayonnaise doesn’t set

A whipped mayonnaise does not set or is very runny. Cause: The oil was added too quickly. It has not been divided into fine, stable droplets.

Solution: Pour all the failed mayonnaise into a measuring cup.

Take a tablespoon of the failed mayonnaise in a bowl, add a teaspoon of milk. Whisk vigorously until the mixture sets. Then add the rest of the mayonnaise to catch up, a little at a time, until you get the desired consistency.

How to thicken a too liquid mayonnaise ?

If your homemade mayonnaise is too runny, put 1 tablespoon of mustard in a separate bowl and slowly pour in the runny mayonnaise while whisking constantly with an electric mixer. Whip until the mixture sets.

Why put lemon or vinegar in mayonnaise?

If your mayonnaise becomes too stiff, you can loosen it with a dash of vinegar, or lemon juice if you prefer. It is important to have enough water to accommodate the oil droplets, otherwise your mayonnaise may turn.

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa preparation
Deviled egg, egg Mimosa preparation

Combination of eggs yolk and mayonnaise

To the remaining 5 cooked egg yolks, start to crush your yolks with a fork and add the mayonnaise. Mix with a fork to crush the yolks.

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa preparation
Deviled egg, egg Mimosa preparation

Mix well, and using a piping bag, fill the egg halves with the mixture.

Fill up your eggs with your preparation
Fill up your eggs with your preparation

 For ending, grate or crumble the reserved egg yolk over the filled eggs, and add the chopped parsley to give the mimosa effect.

Fill up your eggs with your preparation
Fill up your eggs with your preparation

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa its variations

Deviled egg, egg Mimosa variation with salmon

The process is exactly the same but before filling your half eggs you could add in the yolk- mayonnaise mixture a small can of salmon
With the remaining mixture, add paprika to taste, and fill the remaining whites. Sprinkle with paprika and on the top you could make a decoration with smoked salmon, drill and chives
And there you have it, your quartet of mimosa eggs is ready!

I like it as well with tuna, it’s a very good combination

For the version with comfit garlic, we cut a head of garlic in two by the middle, and we cook it in the oven with a little olive oil salt pepper. Once the garlic is candied, we mix it with the egg yolk and a little mayonnaise.

Another possibility is with avocado, you will need a very mature one, and you don’t need to add mayonnaise on it as the avocado is enough greasy. My advice is to add some drops of lime and some red onion chopped in very small pieces.

Tip : the filling is representing between a quarter or an half of the yolk – mayonnaise quantity. Of course, it’s better to test your mixture in order to know if you need to add any ingredients 😉

Bon appétit !

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