Here’s my favourite dark chocolate cake its heart is a little bloody 😉

You could eat it for Easter, but also even for a moment like breakfast, brunch or as a dessert.

It is gluten-free and only for those who really love chocolate. 

Ingredients for a dark chocolate cake

Ingredients for this recipe:

200g dark chocolate

150g salted butter 

100g of sugar

4 eggs

3 dried apricots

If you don’t have salted butter you can always add a good pinch of salt to the preparation.
Salt enhances the taste of the sweet, it increases the flavour of your cake, it really makes the difference.

Preparation of your fluffy dark chocolate cake

Mix the sugar with the eggs, and add the chocolate that you melt with the butter.

Then, put in the mould and cut the apricots into small pieces that you distribute evenly in the preparation.

Attention: the quality of the chocolate is important. I use a strong bitter dark chocolate for my part.

Yes, the salted butter is important because the sweet-salty contrast enhances the flavours. The sweet side is reinforced by the salt.

This cake is only for chocolate lovers. You could keep it quite a long time and eat only a little piece every day.

For my part, my favourite sweet moment is breakfast 😉

About this recipe

This recipe of the dark chocolate cake with a fluffy heart is gluten-free.

As you already know, the gluten doesn’t need to be too much present in our dish, but most of all in the recipe, what I did was to make this cake very fluffy with a strong flavor of chocolate. That was the main reason of my pick.

If you would prefer, dry apricots could be replaced by dry figs or another kind of fruit you will like.

The fruits inside need to be your touch, as I like apricot and as it’s a good combinaison with dark chocolate, I choose it.

But if ever you wish to introduce another kind of fruit like dry mango, dry ananas… be free to be creative. It’s by experiencing your own touch that you will become fantastic bakers!

When you cook with me, I want to guide you towards your own creativity. That’s why in my recipes, I often include what I call variations or tips. It is that little extra something that makes the difference, that helps you to make your cake absolutely unique.
Guidance yes, but not assistance, I want you to be recipe creators.

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