Mousseline Of Cauliflower With Roquefort Cheese, Easy And Healthy.

This Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese is easy to cook and healthy to eat.

Why easy? Because, you have very few ingredients but as well no specific technic is required.

Why healthy? Cauliflower provides several benefits: It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, manganese and selenium.
It strengthens the immune system.
And it is also beneficial to the digestive tract, rich in fiber and helps the transit to fight against constipation.
It is low in calories and rich in water, it is a great slimming ally!
And has a rich content in sulfur, which allows purifying the liver and eliminate toxins.


A little of history

The cauliflower is native to the Near East. Long before our era, it was already cultivated by the Egyptians. During the Antiquity, it was adored by the Greeks and the Romans. Then the cauliflower arrived in France in the 16th century, by the Italians. In the 17th century, Louis XIV asked for the importation, as he loved it. This is how this vegetable became very popular in France.

Some tips for choosing and cooking your cauliflower

The heads of cauliflower must be firm and the foliage must be fresh, green and swollen with water, no matter the color, the head of cauliflower must have preserved its original color.
Cauliflower stems are edible! Peel if necessary and cut lengthwise so that they take the same time to cook as the heads. They can also be added to vegetable juice with a juicer.
To avoid bloating and gas: Plunge it before the real cooking in boiling water, for five minutes (we say blanching), which will help to eliminate the most volatile sulfur derivatives and do not forget to throw away the water.
A moderate cooking would allow keeping all the benefits of the active ingredients and the taste: steam cooking at less than 100° is the ideal!


Roquefort cheese, a typical French cheese
Roquefort cheese, a typical French cheese

What are the benefits of Roquefort cheese?

The Roquefort is a blue-veined cheese made from raw, whole sheep’s milk. Roquefort offres a source of vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the body and vital processes. Its calcium, phosphorus content, promotes the mineralization of bones and teeth and the regeneration of tissues.

What is the green in Roquefort ?

Roquefort is a blue-cheese (or “blue-veined”) semi-firm cheese made from raw or pasteurized sheep’s milk. Blue cheeses are sown with Penicillium roqueforti, a microscopic fungus. That gives the cheese its bluish-green veins and its taste.

Is Penicillium roqueforti an antibiotic?

Penicillium roqueforti, blue-grey-green in color. As its name indicates, this fungus is used to make Roquefort cheese. Penicillium notatum (also called Penicillium chrysogenum), the fungus that was responsible for the discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin, by Alexander Fleming.

History of Roquefort

Nothing allows us to date with certainty the historical origin of Roquefort cheese, but a legend tells of its accidental creation, making it an example of discovery by serendipity.

A shepherd of old, preferring to chase women rather than take care of his sheep, would have, while leaving to the pursuit of a beautiful, forgotten in a cave his snack composed of bread and curd of ewe. Not having been able to find the one he was looking for, he returned to the cave some time later and found his piece of bread and curd covered with a film of mold: Penicillium roqueforti had done its work, transforming the cheese into Roquefort…

Ingredients for mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese.

1 big cauliflower 1 litter of milk Salt or 1 cub of stock

Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese
Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese


We start by separating cauliflower into small florets and pour them in a large sauce pan, where we add the milk. The milk should slightly touch the top of the cauliflower. For the seasoning, you could just add a cub of stock rather than salt. Take care to not adding too much salt, as the Roquefort is a cheese which is itself salty.

Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese, easy and healthy.
Cook your cauliflower into the milk for realizing Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese, easy and healthy.

As soon as the cauliflower is soft, after around 20-30 minutes, you could mix it with the milk.

If the result is too liquid, you will need to reheat it in order to make it less liquid.

Cook your cauliflower into the milk for realizing Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese, easy and healthy.
Blend the cauliflower for your preparation

Than add some small pieces of Roquefort cheese on the top of your mousseline of cauliflower.

Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese
Mousseline of cauliflower with Roquefort cheese

Et voilà, this fancy recipe is so easy and healthy, don’t you think. About the dessert, I will advise you something with chocolate, like the mousse.

Bon appétit!

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