Where To Eat the Best French Modern Breakfast in Nice.

For many, breakfast is the number one meal of the day. It is also a convivial moment that allows you to start the rest of the day off on the right foot. What exactly does a french modern breakfast consist of?

A bit of history about the french breakfast

Breakfast as we know it today did not always exist. Its history begins in the Renaissance when butter bread dipped in milk made its appearance, followed shortly afterwards by coffee which, imported from Turkey, conquered the court of Louis XVI.
But it was in the 19th century that the term “breakfast” was first used. In the city, people start the day with toast and coffee with milk or chocolate, while in the countryside they continue to accompany the bread with soup or even wine.
French breakfast as we know it today became a must after the Second World War.

On the menu of the modern breakfast in Nice.

Called “continental” in hotels, the traditional French breakfast is unchanging. It is composed around the star of the French breads:

  • the French baguette: out of the oven or lightly toasted? It’s up to each one to decide,
  • Bread toasts: with butter depending on the region, jam and honey,
  • Viennese pastries: take the form of butter croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche chocolatines
  • a hot drink: coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

    Beware! The way the French drink tea differs from the English: while across the Channel, we add a cloud of Milk, in France, we prefer to drink it plain.

But what does Emma do for her very modern stylish French breakfast?
Of course, the tradition is respected, there are always freshly baked croissants that smell delicious when you visit her table to share the first and most important meal of the day.
But she goes far beyond that by offering a multitude of cakes with original and delicious flavours.
Have you ever tasted a lavender cake?
If the answer is: not yet, I suggest you, when you pass by Nice, this beautiful city on the French Riviera, to go and enjoy a delicious modern French breakfast at Emma’s bed and breakfast.

freshly baked french croissant

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