Here are the best tips about where to eat in Nice by a local foodie. So trust me, those addresses are absolutely fantastic, and I share it with you because I’m so in love with their food!

The best value for money with quality in mind.

When you choose a restaurant, it’s important to keep in mind that you want to eat not good but very good and as well not spending all your money on restaurants. That is why I selected those restaurants in order to know, as a local where to eat in Nice.

My favorite restaurants in Nice :

With those addresses, you could say that you know where to eat in Nice!

Citrus (local food, a fantastic chef !).

Le bar des Oiseaux ( local food that I like a lot).

Attimi (the best pizza in Nice with fresh vegetable as topping).

L’atelier ( Socca, which is a local specialty made which chickpea Flour revisited by the chef ).

Zorzetto (Italian food, specialty : pasta – at 5 min from my place).

Boccacio: seafood.

Le café de Turin: seafood.

Le Bistrot d’Antoine : French traditional food.

Peixes : French modern way to prepare fish.

Le Bocal: Inspired cuisine, fresh products, homemade.

La Retonde: One of the Negresco Palace’s restaurant, fancy and affordable:-).

Le Comptoir du marché : a retro grandmother’s kitchen.

Délibo fine cuisine, affordable, and open to the world.

L’Antica: French food where there is a fire place for cooking the meat for the evening.

Kokogrenn: Vegan, gluten-free, organic and home-made .

Wayne’s bar (for some drinks and dancing on the tables ;-).

But there are a lot of more which are very good too;-) as my breakfast or brunch where you could make a reservation because it’s as well a place where you could eat good food!

So that are my best suggestions about where to eat in Nice, but please feel free to give me your feedback about any restaurants. Those and the others, I didn’t mention on this article.

Where to eat in Nice a good breakfast
Where to eat in Nice a good breakfast